The Co-Opinion Network is a stakeholder of the World Bank, Global Partnership for Youth in Development & UNDP Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The international institutions also helped us to pinpoint our partners in the region. We are grateful for the kind guidance of the United Nations Development Programme Arab Human Development Report Research Team and the World Bank Middle East and North Africa Region Youth Program, Tashbeek Project.

Boğaziçi University Center for European Studies Student Forum

Boğaziçi University Center for European Studies Student Forum operates within the body of Center for European Studies, which is an academic institution promoting interdisciplinary work on European studies. CESSF enables students to actively take part in European studies and further get them acquaint with issues concerning Europe. Apart from participating in the CES projects, CESSF also organizes its own events.

CJD Tunisie (Center for Young Business Leaders of Tunisia)

CJD Tunisie (Center for Young Business Leaders of Tunisia) was established in January 1998 in collaboration with the CJD France, to prepare the young Tunisian company to meet the challenge of globalization. CJD Tunisie is at the same time an organization within UTICA that supports in a comprehensive framework the specific interests of young leaders. It’s a movement belonging to an international network of Young Business Leaders, mobilizing around a common mission to improve the performance of the Young Business Leaders and their companies.

Giosef Italy

The Association Giosef – Giovani Senza Frontiere (Youth without Borders) – was founded in April, 1998 and aims to promote active European citizenship and youth mobility. The fact that Giosef is involved in several youth inclusion and participation activities confirms our main aim of creating new dimensions for young people in social and public life in order to facilitate their ability to cope with the needs of new generations. In addition, Giosef – Italy supports the building of a welcoming idea of Europe, based on democracy, peace, tolerance, and the acceptance of diversity. Moreover, Giosef promotes non-formal educational paths and vocational training from an intercultural perspective.

International Center for Diplomacy

ICD (International Center for Diplomacy) is a Moroccan NGO specialized in nongovernmental diplomacy. ICD has been organizing and participating in events related to public diplomacy at the national and international level. Its focus is to empower non-state actors, especially youth to better represent Morocco in international diplomatic events and promote Morocco’s nation branding. It also focuses on improving international diplomatic practices by developing young leaders’ competences in diplomacy & international relations via an academy of young diplomats.

Iraq Builders

IRAQ Builders is a group of doctors, pharmacists, engineers, workers, businessmen and many other people from Iraqi society standing together with the forgotten and neglected poor families against poverty and the severity of life.IRAQ Builders is a voluntary team which was founded after the rainstorm of winter 2012 when many roofs of poor families’ houses were collapsed. The team decided to stand together by this part of the community against life severity and the poverty itself. The first mission of the team was to rebuild a roof of poor family house contains a widow and her seven orphans. The family was so poor that they couldn’t afford one meal a day. Mission No.1 was successfully accomplished, and since then, the volunteers of the team decided to do their best for helping those who are in need to build brighter future for them and our country.


I Watch is a Tunisian watchdog organization created after the Tunisian revolution. I Watch works mainly on two axes: transparency and corruption. As for transparency, I Watch makes sure that all political events are transparent including pre and post-election monitoring. In addition, it fights corruption all over the country. I Watch also works on the democratization of the police and guaranteeing a smooth political transition in the post-revolution period.

European Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JADE)

JADE – the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises – is an international, non-profit umbrella organisation of Junior Enterprises. The network is currently composed of 14 Confederations and Consultative Members from Europe, summing up to almost 300 JEs in the top universities in Europe. Following the motto “learning-by-doing”, our students bridge the gap between academia and the real business world. By running non-profit SMEs and being social entrepreneurs, these students turn over 16 million euros per year and involve more than 20,000 peers, thus leaving a significant impact on the local and national business world. Globally, the organization is connected to a network of over 40.000 students from 40 countries. As the organization representing the Junior Enterprises at Global level, its mission is: To be the voice of the European Junior Enterprise Movement, representing, integrating, and supporting the Network, trough the spread of the youth entrepreneurship.

Jeunes Indépendants Démocrates

Jeunes Indépendants Démocrates aims to inform young people in Tunisia about political, social, and economic events, given the importance of Tunisian youth in the revolution. The NGO aims to “protect” this revolution, consolidating some gains and fleshing out its claims. It intends to play a liaison role between the youth and politicians to raise the demands of the youth.

Jeunes Leaders de Tunis

Jeunes Leaders de Tunis aims to achieve development through the consolidation of democracy, and it advocates the culture of respecting human rights and good local governance. It is a youth initiative gathering activists in various fields who seek changes in their community with a focus on local governance.

Karam Foundation

Karam Foundation is on a mission to build a better future for Syria. Karam Foundation was founded in 2007 in Chicago — a small, non-profit organization determined to do big things. Karam means generosity in Arabic — our simple vision was to give what was needed to those who needed it anywhere around the world. Eight years ago, we started with a food drive on the south-side of Chicago. Today, our impact expands across Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, building a better future for thousands of Syrian families. We develop Innovative Education programs for Syrian refugee youth, distribute Smart Aid to Syrian families, and fund Sustainable Development projects initiated by Syrians for Syrians.

The Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies

The Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies (ACSRHS) is a Moroccan-based think tank dedicated to promote democracy, rule of law and market economy in Morocco and across the MENA region. The centre is working to improve the quality of think tanks and civil society initiatives, particularly empowering youth and civil society actors to inform the public debates and decision-makers. The centre was established in 2012 by a group of intellectuals and civil society actors and is not affiliated to any political party. Activities of the centre include publication, translation of books, organisation of conference, trainings, workshop and policy advocacy.

The Great Debaters Morocco

Founded in 2009, The Great Debaters Morocco is a youth-led association, which ensures that young people are provided with the opportunity for exchanging ideas and opinions on issues and topics that concern them both as Moroccan and global citizens. Its main mission is to help students have a tolerant environment where they can express themselves freely with self-confidence, learn to respect other people’s beliefs & opinions, advocate freedom of speech, deconstruct stereotypes and develop proficiency in public speaking and debate in different languages. GDM projects consist of debate seasons – a debate season usually gathers different Moroccan institutions of higher education within local, regional, and national debate tournaments, with the aim of taking the debate to the next level through new initiatives, public statements, and raising awareness.

The National Network of Local Youth Councils

The National Network of Local Youth Councils is civilian organization in which local youth councils from all over Morocco get together to the aim of institutionalizing the youth councils in accordance with the Moroccan law. So far, the network has a membership of more than 22 local youth council from all over the country. It also collaborates with other organizations from Morocco and other parts of the world.


OffreJoie is an apolitical and non-confessional non-governmental organization that is located in Lebanon and Iraq that advocates the promotion of pluralism and co-existence within a context of cultural and religious diversity. To that aim, OffreJoie mobilizes its extensive network of committed volunteers around social projects such as camps, solidarity actions, civic demonstrations among others to foster reconciliation and dialogue between different communities.

Search for Common Ground Tunisia

Search for Common Ground is an international NGO that aims to end violent conflict through a type of peace building called conflict transformation. Their team in Tunisia supports efforts to address their country’s conflicts constructively. They are assisting in the growth of Tunisia’s young democracy through a leadership development program for youth and through the training of media organizations.

Tariq Ibn Ziyad Initiative

Tariq Ibn Ziyad Initiative is a network of young, independent and non affiliated citizens, who act in order to enhance the participation of the youth and young Moroccan leaders within the political life. With almost 1200 trained members, TIZI is present in the cities of Casablanca, Marrakech and Settat. Our association promotes citizenship and political projects in order to enhance the accountability feeling within the Moroccan political environment. The ultimate objective of TIZI is to strengthen change and democratic institutions in Morocco.


Tun’Act is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, which encourages young Tunisians to participate in the political life of their countries. In order to train future citizens and leaders of tomorrow, they organize the Tunisian Youth Parliament. It is a project that encourages young people to have their own say in shaping the future of their country.

Youth Deal Cooperative

Youth unemployment is on the top of the main problems in the world. Essential policies need to be taken seriously to create the employment opportunities that young people can specialize in and to arrange education organizations. That is why the Youth Deal Cooperative emerged as a new and innovative model. Youth Deal ensures its competitiveness by capitalizing on its exceptional human capital. The Youth Deal cadre consists of well educated professionals who have academic and professional experiences abroad and have graduated from leading universities of Turkey. The Youth Deal offers the following services among others: The Project-Cycle Management Training, Workshops in Secondary Schools, Academic and Professional Career Consultancy, Women Cooperatives Consultancy, Product and Package Design, International Relations Consultancy, and Political Research Services.

Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa

Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) Morocco is an international network of youth formed in 2004 by a group of Harvard students, born and raised in Africa. YALDA’s objective is to make a positive impact on the social and economic development of the African continent through the development of young African leaders. The executive board of YALDA Morocco is composed of youth students and professionals active in the community and seeking to improve youth situation in Morocco, MENA Region and Africa.

Center of Arab Women for Training and Research

With a vision of establishing equal rights, both in law and in practice, for men and women across the Arab world, CAWTAR aims to empower women based on human rights and principles of gender equality, and further reducing the gender gap in order to enhance the life standards of Arab women and promote sustainable development. It has adopted three main pillars for implementing its activities and programs, which are: Economic, Political and Socio-Cultural Empowerment of Women; Women in Water Resources Management; and Policies and Mechanisms to Improve Women’s Status in the Arab Region.

Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies

Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies is an independent, Istanbul based think tank; the aim of which is to contribute to the policy making process within and outside Turkey. EDAM incorporates multiple sectors of Turkish society within its body through its members from academia, civil society, media and business. This diversity enables different perspectives and visions to interact and further work on areas of research such as Turkish security and foreign policy, Turkey-EU relations, international economics and the management of globalization, energy and climate change policies, which are shaping Turkey’s position in the global order.

The School of Government and Leadership

The School of Government and Leadership (Hükümet Liderlik Okulu) is a research unit within Bahçeşehir University’s body that was established for answering the need for extended research and work on leadership; since leadership has been ceaselessly gaining importance. The ultimate aim of HLO is to provide individuals, who intend to serve the society in economic, social and political aspects, with a platform whereby their theoretical and practical improvement can further be enhanced. In that regard, HLO has been organizing certificate programs, think tank seminars, panels and group activities for achieving a multi-dimensional education.

The Hollings Center for International Dialogue

The Hollings Center for International Dialogue aims to foster improved understanding and expand channels of communication between the United States and the Muslim world. In pursuit of its mission, the Hollings Center convenes dialogue conferences and other programs that explore novel perspectives on important international issues and expand channels of communication across opinion leaders and experts. The Hollings Center takes a unique approach to its programs by convening a diverse mix of academics, journalists, civil society leaders, businesspeople and government officials from the United States and countries with predominantly Muslim populations in an informal setting to discuss underserved but critical subjects.

Istanbul Policy Center

Istanbul Policy Center is an independent policy research institute with a mission of fostering academic research in social sciences and its application to policy making. Having an expertise in a wide range of areas, IPC offers innovative and objective analyses in key domestic and foreign policy issues. The institute thus provides a platform for policy makers, academics and researchers where they can bea part of policy work shaping researches.

Institute of Regional and International Studies

Institute of Regional and International Studies, The American University of Iraq Sulaimani focuses on the issues of the region; mainly being the current situations in KRG, Iraq and the Middle East. With its diversity of expertise and inter-disciplinary studies, IRIS aims to foster mutual understanding and awareness that cut across all boundaries. Energy, water resource management and policy, regional geopolitics, economic development, and gender are among IRIS’s current research topics.